The persuasive essay format

The persuasive essay format

The formatting of an essay is not always key to its function. An essay may be formatted in a number of ways so that it may create and argue its point. However, some educational and business institutions believe that a certain format is required for things such as research essays, argumentative essays, and persuasive essays, etc. The persuasive essay format is one that is supposed to enable the reader to enjoy optimal reading comprehension, whilst allowing the writer the freedom to make a point and persuade the reader in doing so.

Start with the introduction

You should immediately engage the reader with an attention grabber. You should introduce the reader and get them “in the ballpark” by establishing context. This is the topic of the essay. It is usually two or three sentences that help in narrowing down the point of the essay or paper. It is a good idea to cite your text source with a title and an author if you are using just one source You need to ensure a complete and strong thesis statement.

The body with a persuasive essay format

You should begin your paragraphs with very clear and concise topic sentences. You should use good and solid details and figures which include quotes or facts. You should also cite any sources when you feel it necessary, and do it in a simplified manner. You can do this with the author and his/her last name and a page number. You should create an insightful commentary in order to support your details, with two to three details per comment. Try to include two solid and supported details per paragraph, and your commentary. You should address any counter arguments. You should also include any rebuttals for defending your essay’s thesis. This should include your solid and supported details and commentary.

Your essay should have a conclusion

You need a transition into your summary with some key points and you should restate your thesis so that you present it in another way. Refer to your attention grabber at the beginning of the essay to tie your essay up. You need to leave your reader feeling like he or she has been persuaded or challenged. You can also leave a personal comment at the bottom if you wish to add your opinion into the mix.