How to care for goldfish in an aquarium

how to care for goldfish

Goldfish were bred in China about 1500 years ago and very quickly gained popularity among lovers of domestic animals for their beauty, grace, unpretentiousness and longevity. The goldfish is an artificially bred species of freshwater fish from the genus of crucian carp. How to care for goldfish? Over the years, breeders have managed to obtain …

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Bubble Eye Goldfish Best Care Guide

Bubble Eye Goldfish

The modern assortment of aquarium fish is so diverse that it is already difficult to be surprised at something. But representatives of some modern breeds of goldfish have such an unusual appearance that to this day they cause an ambiguous reaction from many aquarists. Some consider them handsome, others find nothing attractive. Nevertheless, these breeds have not lost their popularity …

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Best Black Oranda Goldfish

Black Oranda Goldfish

Among the huge variety of goldfish, you can find a rather unusual shape, which has a growth on the head in the form of a characteristic cap. This breed is called Oranda. In almost any pet store, you can find one or more color variations of the orange. In our article we will introduce you to the black oranda. General …

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