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Does it make sense to dress a dog in winter?

The question is really interesting, to dress a dog. There is no consensus among dog owners on this matter. Some consider this a pampering and a waste of money, because all animals have their own “fur coat” – wool. Others believe that this is not a whim at all, but a vital necessity. Let’s figure out who is right and why.

In fact, both are right. An urgent need for clothing is unlikely to arise for a shepherd dog, a Moscow watchdog or an alabai. Well, except for medical reasons – in a normal situation, dogs with long thick hair, and even with a dense undercoat, do not need clothes.

But in short-haired dogs, and even with a poor undercoat or even without it, it may be necessary to cover the sides in severe frost. In winter, it is quite possible to meet a serious dog on the street in a jacket or in the master’s sweater. What can we say about small decorative breeds like the Chinese Crested, Toy Terrier, Italian Greyhound and the like. Such dogs are cold in winter even in the apartment. Normal body temperature in a dog is the higher, the smaller the breed, and is 38-40 degrees. That is why the owners of small dogs are forced to dress them or wrap them up in blankets at home. But that’s not all.

Just a jacket or jumpsuit?

Life in the city is fraught with a huge number of dangers for your four-legged pet. Which ones? I have already told  you how dangerous winter is for your pet.

For example, remember what your shoes look like in winter? Most likely, she is in ugly white salt stains due to the huge amount of reagent and sand sprinkled on the streets. Imagine how your friend’s coat and paws suffer from these substances. To protect the paws from the effects of salt and chemicals and other hazards, special boots for dogs were created

So why do dogs need clothes anyway?

  • Exotic breeds: in recent years, many exotic breeds have appeared that are completely unsuitable for life in our climatic conditions. For them, clothing is a vital necessity, protection from cold weather, wind, rain and other adverse conditions.
  • Animals that are sheared: Some breeds are sheared and trimmed (eg terriers). In such dogs, thermoregulation is impaired, and clothing serves them as additional protection.
  • For hunting dogs and those whom the owners take with them to the forest: clothing saves from thorns, thorns, ticks and other blood-sucking insects, from small wounds and scratches.
  • For older pets – with age, their immunity decreases, thermoregulation weakens, and all this can lead to illness and a deterioration in the quality of life.
  • For everyone else, it is protection from frost, wind, rain, dust and dirt.

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What clothes are best for your dog? or Dress a dog?

There are many different clothes for dogs in stores: overalls of all types, jackets and blankets from different materials and for different seasons, vests, sweaters, skirts, tailcoats and much, much more. Do our pets really need all this? Whether you’re heading to a carnival, New Years celebration, or some other festive occasion, there’s no one stopping you from dressing up your pet appropriately. But today we are talking about everyday life and ordinary walks. When choosing casual clothes, focus on practicality, functionality and convenience.


Clothes are meant to be helpful, to protect your pet, you and your home.

A jumpsuit that completely covers its body will be able to protect the pet. The lungs should be closed – this is the chest, the kidneys are the lower back, the reproductive organs, the lymph nodes, the mammary glands are the stomach and armpits.

Overalls are selected depending on the season, breed, material.

In autumn and spring, you will need a raincoat fabric jumpsuit with or without a light lining, rain and wind are not terrible in it. In winter, insulated overalls are needed.


The choice of clothing is determined by its purpose. Before buying something, ask what this “suit” should do – protect from precipitation, from cold and wind, insulate?

So, for rainy, cool weather, a raincoat is suitable (an overalls made of raincoat fabric without lining), preferably with long trousers. For the winter chill – an overalls with a warming lining. The larger the dog, the tighter the covering fabric should be, so that the tribesman does not tear your pet’s clothes during play.

On warm summer days, clothes made of light silk or cotton fabrics are not a whim. These overalls help:

  • do not cut your hair on the grass (this is especially important on the eve of exhibitions);
  • not to attach to the wool any garbage, which is full on the streets;
  • save the nerves of the owner, frantically cleaning the interior of the car.


Your pet should be comfortable while walking. Nothing should interfere, squeeze or rub. Therefore, try to try on clothes before purchasing.

A little life hack: let your pet stand on its hind legs on its own while trying it on. If he does it without difficulty, then the outfit fit.

Consider the breed characteristics of your four-legged friend

For example, the poodle is a representative of the “wool” breed. For him, a jumpsuit with long “sleeves” is a necessity, according to the breed standard, a poodle has a specific decoration in the lower part of the paws, the so-called cuff. It needs to be protected from water and dirt.

Chinese Crested and Hairless Mexican Dogs should choose soft fabrics to avoid damaging their delicate skin.

Important! When choosing clothes for toy terriers, pinschers, Italian greyhounds, Yorkshires, you need to remember that the trousers on the overalls should be without elastic bands, since these dogs often tighten their paws, pulling them into the trousers, and break the metatarsus when they are sharply straightened.

It happens that the owners of “woolen” dogs (Pekingese, Spaniels, Spitz) try to shove them into an outfit made of fleece or velor, not suspecting that this will lead to the formation of tangles. But for toy terriers, chihuahuas, whippets, dachshunds and other short-haired dogs, clothes made of such fabric are suitable.

And remember about the weather outside the window

Some owners prefer jackets or blankets to overalls.

Such clothes may not be the best choice for winter. The jacket almost does not cover the belly and groin of your pet, protecting only the back and sides, and the legs generally remain open. As a result, some areas of the body become excessively hot, while others remain open. This can lead to colds or joint problems. In my opinion, it is better not to wear anything at all than to wear half-clothes when it is very cold outside the window …

The blanket  is an excellent option for summer or early autumn, when there is still no dank dampness and cold wind. Or when you need to protect your pet from ticks and burdocks.

Dog clothing is the best way to protect your pet from the harsh urban environment. Just remember that everything is individual. And if some animals can walk quite normally in severe frosts and not experience discomfort, then their other fellow tribesmen (sometimes even of the same breed) will shake like an aspen leaf at zero degrees. Therefore, when choosing clothes for your pet, always take into account the breed, age and state of his health.

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