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Best Black Oranda Goldfish

Among the huge variety of goldfish, you can find a rather unusual shape, which has a growth on the head in the form of a characteristic cap. This breed is called Oranda. In almost any pet store, you can find one or more color variations of the orange. In our article we will introduce you to the black oranda.

General information

Black Oranda goldfish, or chocolate (Oranda Goldfish black) is a short-bodied selective form of goldfish, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of a special fatty growth on the head, which in appearance is very reminiscent of a raspberry berry.

China is considered the homeland of the black oranda, although the breed was widespread in Japan, where it was introduced in the middle of the 20th century. Oranda is one of the most beloved fish in the East; it is called the “Water Flower” here.

Fish are fairly easy to keep, but require large aquariums and good filtration.


Oranda black has a shortened, ovoid body. The caudal fin is bifurcated with rounded lobes. A characteristic feature of the black oranda is the presence of fatty growths on the head and gill covers. They can be located only on the top of the head or completely cover it, sometimes even closing the eyes.

The color of the fish is predominantly black velvet, the abdomen may have a golden tint. In Japan, black orandas goldfish are called “chakin”, which translates as “brown goldfish”.

Under suitable conditions, black oranda can grow up to 18-26 cm.


Black oranda goldfish is a selection form, it is created artificially and does not occur in wildlife. And it is extremely difficult to imagine such a fish in natural conditions. The shape of the body and general sluggishness will not leave her a single chance in the struggle for survival. Therefore, such fish can only be residents of home aquariums, where observing them brings joy to their owners.

Care and maintenance

The minimum recommended volume for keeping black oranda goldfish is 50 liters of water per individual. A fish can be settled alone, but in a group of its relatives, it feels better. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an aquarium from 200 liters and plant a small group of fish there.

The aquarium is designed to your liking. But it is most important to to provide that the decorations used (grottoes, stones) do not have sharp edges, about which the fish can damage its “hat” or long tail fin. It is better to choose large rounded pebbles as a soil. The thing is that black oranda goldfish like to dig up the soil, and the large fraction will not allow them to rebuild the design of the aquarium, and the fish will also not be able to swallow soil particles (which sometimes happens with small stones).

Oranda is practically incompatible with living plants. The only exceptions are sclerophyllous species: Anubias , Cryptocoryne , a giant Vallisneria etc. Any delicate types of greenery will sooner or later be pulled out and eaten. Very often, owners will settle for realistic plastic plants, for example, from the Tetra DecoArt Plantastics series. Riccia , hornwort or duckweed can be launched on the surface of the water as additional food .

These are large fish, with an active metabolism, and besides, they like to raise the dregs from the bottom. Therefore, it is very important to organize powerful filtration in the aquarium. We recommend choosing a high-performance external filter and installing it in tandem with the internal one. Aeration should also be sufficient. For aquariums up to 80 liters, the silent Tetra AirSilent compressors are perfect. It is very important to keep the amount of suspended matter in the aquarium as small as possible.

Black oranda goldfish, like other goldfish, is a lover of cool water. The temperature around 24 ° C. This is especially true on hot summer days, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the water and take timely measures to cool it.

When keeping black oranda goldfish, it is very important to change 20% of the water in the aquarium weekly in order to prevent poisoning of the fish by metabolic products. It is important to remember that tap water, which is most commonly used for water changes, may contain compounds that are harmful to fish, such as chlorine or heavy metals. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare it with the Tetra Goldfish AquaSafe conditioner. It will instantly make the water safe for fish. And B vitamins (reduces stress) and natural colloids (protects the mucous membranes of fish) will provide a comfortable environment for your pets.


Best of all, black oranda goldfish look in a species aquarium, which may contain rocks of one or more colors. The popular Feng Shui teachings recommend keeping 9 goldfish: eight red and one black. You can use this advice.

If there is a desire to keep the black oranda with other fish, then it is best to pay attention to some short- bodied breeds: ranches , riukins , lion heads .

It is not recommended implanting black oranda goldfish to the barbs , Donaciinae and other fussy fish – their mobility leads Oranda stress are also more active kinds of fast food eaten, leaving it to his neighbor a little awkward. Oranda get along well with popular catfish – corridors , ancistrus , thoracatums .

Feeding oranda black

Thinking over the diet of the black oranda goldfish, it must be borne in mind that it should be based on products of plant origin. Otherwise, the fish may develop chronic diseases of the digestive system. Therefore, it is better to immediately abandon live and frozen food and give preference to high-quality dry food, because only they can provide your pets with a balanced menu.

The feed pellets soften quickly and slowly sink to the bottom. The high content of plant proteins and a complex of vitamins will ensure good growth and good health of the black oranda.

Also, food from the specialized line for goldfish Tetra Goldfish can be used as the main one. You can choose the most common form for feeding the black oranda: flakes, chips, granules or sticks. This means that the food is absorbed to the maximum and the amount of fish waste is reduced, which allows the water in the aquarium to remain clean and clear for longer.

It is recommended to feed the black oranda goldfish several times a day in small portions, which will be completely eaten by the fish in a few minutes.

Reproduction and breeding

It is quite possible to get offspring of a black oranda goldfish in a home aquarium. True, certain difficulties arise already at the initial stage. The first of them is the absence of sexual dimorphism; it is almost impossible to distinguish a male from a female outside the spawning period. The second difficulty is late puberty, which ends in the black oranda at 1.5-2 years.

If there are non-sex individuals, then you need to plant them for a week and then try to feed them abundantly. At this time, it is important to prepare a spawning aquarium with a volume of 30-50 liters. It is recommended to install an airlift filter, such as Tetra Brilliant Filter, and small-leaved plants ( Javanese moss , etc.) in it.

When the producers are ready to spawn, they are planted in the aquarium. Usually two males are taken for one female. It is better to release fish in the evening, while spawning itself begins, as a rule, in the morning. Males pursue the female and “knock out” eggs from her, fertilizing her.

After spawning, the parents are set aside to avoid eating the eggs. Eggs develop in about 5 days. It is very important to observe them and remove dead eggs (whitened). After leaving the eggs, the larvae attach to the glass and hang motionless for another 2-3 days, feeding on the contents of the yolk sac, after which they move on to free swimming and independent feeding. Young oranda do not have a characteristic black color. He appears later.



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