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Best Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll

The Seattle Seahawks coach admitted after Monday night’s woeful offensive performance in a 13-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints that he probably wouldn’t have lasted his 12th season with the club if Russell Wilson hadn’t been there.

“Let’s put it this way: I’ve been here a long time and if we didn’t have Russell he probably wouldn’t have been here very long,” Carroll said when asked how much Wilson misses him. In Seattle. He has numbers and stats and stuff in the fourth quarter and stuff.

He is going to be a lot of fun when he comes back and plays soccer with us again this year. We owe a lot. You can see how difficult it is. All those games, the Rams game the Steelers and this one, Russell, is a factor. He’s a fantastic positive and always has been, and this was exactly his turn. This is his moment of him. That shines. So we miss him. In the meantime, let’s keep fighting, scratching, and doing what we can. ”

Seahawks starting quarterback in 2012

Since Wilson became Seattle’s starting quarterback in 2012, Carroll’s third season as head coach, after a year with Matt Hasselbeck and another with Tarvaris Jackson as a starter, the Seahawks have fallen. 100-48-1 in the games Wilson started.

For the third game in a row, Geno Smith recovered the ball with the opportunity to create his own magic from him. I have fell short. This time, QB took two bags and lost the fourth to eliminate any chance of a miraculous return to Seattle.

Wilson has set 31 record winners since he joined the NFL in 2012, ranking second in the NFL during that span, behind Matthew Stafford’s 34.

It’s not just the twists and turns that Wilson misses Seattle. It’s all his genius and his ability to make something out of nothing. With Smith in the lineup, he also showed the lack of confidence of the technical staff in reserve as they continued to bang their heads against a brick wall with initial attempts against the Saints defense that brought them down. filling at every step.

Touchdown and Five Bags

Smith was 12 of 22 for 157 yards, a touchdown and five bags. The Seahawks are averaging 15.0 points per game with Smith starting at QB, having generated 24.0 PPG with Wilson starting in the first five weeks. The offense also averages 100.0 fewer passing yards per game with Smith starting than Wilson.

Seattle is now 2-5, looking at a lost season. If Wilson had played in the last three weeks, the script could have been reversed.

“He’s a very special ” linebacker Bobby Wagner said of Wilson. “Every time you give him the ball with a little time on the clock, you know that something is going to happen. For me, I don’t need to be reminded. I know what he’s capable of.

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