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5 most beautiful fish for the aquarium


These fish are called the kings of the freshwater world, which puts them on the list of the 5 most beautiful fish. Discus are brightly colored and have an unusual body shape. It should be added that they are very quick-witted, they can learn to take food directly from the owner’s hands. They are quite demanding to the conditions of detention and capricious creatures. Nevertheless, if you know how to properly care for them, breeding these fish is within the power of even a novice Aquarius



Beautiful and calm veil-tails will become a real decoration of the aquarium. The most attractive part of the fish is its tail, which looks like a light, weightless veil. The length of the tail can reach 30 cm, which is 3-6 times the size of the body. The tail and fins are transparent. Body coloration ranges from bright red to light cream and golden. Pure black specimens are rare. Spotted veil-tails are very popular.

Chromis butterfly


On the head of this mobile fish there is a small crown-shaped fin and an incredible, truly royal color. The body of the “butterfly” is colored yellow with a bright bluish sheen. The throat and breast of the beauty are golden in color, transparent fins with a red border. Females have a pinkish or crimson belly. Males are slightly larger and have an elongated radial dorsal fin.


The scalar fish is very beautiful and unusual, its name comes from two Greek words “wing” and “leaf”. The body shape resembles these objects. The scalars are unpretentious in keeping and omnivorous

These fish are the record holders for life expectancy in captivity, some individuals live up to 10 years. The color of the scalar is varied: black, white, silver, greenish-gray, etc. Black stripes run all over the body, one of them passes through the eye.

Pearl Gourami

Now it is one of the most popular decorative breeds. The silvery body of this fish is decorated with mother-of-pearl specks. With the help of an unusual organ called a labyrinth, gourami can breathe atmospheric air.

These magnificent fish can grow up to 12 cm. Gourami live for a long time and show signs of intelligence, recognizing their owner. They are peaceful and get along with most other fish, but they are very shy.

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful fish too. And, perhaps, they will soon decorate your aquarium

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